My journey to natural rejuvenation.

My name is Em.

I turned 44 over a week ago and I got this beautiful bicycle from my loving family. I don’t think there is a better symbol for a new fresh start than an aquamarine bicycle filled with flowers.

I am a long-time procrastinator and a proud owner of 101 excuses about why I did not start this blog 10 years ago, when I first had the idea.

Well, I did start a blog with 3 posts in 2013, got back to it in 2016 for a few more posts and stopped.

A lot has changed since then, including my outlook on rejuvenation and eternal youth.

I have been researching this subject for the past 10 years, browsing through countless websites, university lectures, research papers and other academic publications. I have been reading magazines and books and whenever I came across a study (because wherever we turn there is a study!), I went online and fished for the source to learn more.

I did an online nutritional and naturopathic course because it was cheap and I thought it would widen my perspective. Furthermore, whenever I visited my son at Cornell University, I went to a lecture on nutrition and bothered professors with a million questions. I bothered many people with questions trying to figure out the best approach to my subject of interest.

I have been experimenting with food, nutrition, fitness, yoga, beauty rituals and lifestyle choices based on my research, just to see what works for me. My quest for the answers and explanations only lead me to more questions.

Even though we cannot fight time and there is no elixir of youth, rejuvenation is possible if we take the right approach to life. And of course, there is no such thing as one-fits-all.

This is my journey.

It is all about nature for me. I am petrified of doctors and would never be able to go for Botox or a filler, so whenever I hear about natural and non-invasive alternatives rooted in food and lifestyle, my eyes widen and my ears perk up.

As part of this journey, I will be posting my recipes, beauty and fitness tips, and explaining my lifestyle and diet choices. I will be sharing my opinions on some of the studies and books I come across as well.

I believe in the power of conversation and I hope to make my blog engaging.


Thank you for reading this.